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Infrastructure Ops

Our network design empowers our clients to retain full control over their miners and provides them with enhanced visibility into their performance.


ASIC Miner Hosting

We leverage our background in colocation data centers to excel in enhancing power, space, and IT management specifically for the dynamic field of blockchain technology.



From high-performance computing applications and large language models (LLMs) to VFX rendering, we've got you covered. 

Experience unmatched availability for all your digital needs with our diverse hosting solutions.



Control ASIC miners

Partner Control

Our network design empowers our clients to retain full control over their miners and provides them with enhanced visibility into their performance.

bitcoin reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

We provide weekly reports that analyze your data and provide a transparent road map for continued improvement.

cryptocurrency optimization

Uptime Optimization

Our exceptional team of professionals goes the extra mile, delivering proactive, fair, and thorough service that exceeds expectations.

cost effective mining solutions

Maximizing Revenue

Our cost-efficient solution optimizes revenue generation by maximizing your hash rate, delivering exceptional value.

From Start to Finish... and Everything After That

Strategic Site Selection

Let us facilitate your connection to a cost-efficient power source. We leverage our industry knowledge to find the ideal location for your operation, aligning your energy needs with affordable, reliable sources.

mining site selection

Tailored Site Design & Trusted Vendor Selection

Our expertise extends to comprehensive site design, where we assist in crafting a space that complements your unique needs. Alongside this, we navigate the vendor landscape to equip your site with the best infrastructure, be it containers, transformers, or switch gear.
crypto mining tailored design

Premier Network Design & Deployment

Crafting the ideal network is an art, and our masterful Frontier Standard Network Design stands unrivaled. We source, deploy, and configure the equipment at your site, ensuring a seamless, optimized network that works for you.
Frontier standard network design

Thorough Site Commissioning & Rapid Deployment

Once your site is constructed, we apply our meticulous Site Readiness checklist, covering every vital detail to guarantee your site is primed to run miners effectively. Post this assessment, our skilled teams descend to swiftly deploy your equipment, minimizing downtime.

Professional Facility Maintenance & Operations

We go a step further by providing on-site technicians from the local vicinity, handpicked for their proficiency. Our team, boasting diverse specializations, ensures comprehensive site maintenance—from managing filters, fans, and waterfalls, to handling network operations and miner performance.
handle network operations and miner performance

Unmatched Miner Performance Monitoring

To ensure absolute transparency, we furnish you with superior miner performance dashboards and reports. This gives you instant, insightful access to all on-site operations, keeping you updated on your investment's status at a single glance. We strive to deliver nothing short of the best for our clients!
miner performance monitoring

Explore Our Locations

Our operational sites are strategically positioned in regions with ample or underutilized renewable energy sources, fueling our facilities and invigorating local economies. Leveraging our extensive market entry expertise, we swiftly forge positive connections with local governments and communities, fostering diverse local workforces through training and employment. This positions us strongly for expansion and growth across North America.

Frontier Mining Service Locations

Areas We Operate

  • Texas
  • New York
  • Canada
  • California
  • Alberta
  • South Carolina
  • Colorado
  • Ohio
  • Georgia
  • Pennsylvania
  • North Dakota
  • Montana


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