OUR Mission

The blockchain revolution emerged from the need for transparency and trust. We believe that the infrastructure powering blockchain structures need to be thoughtfully and sustainably built to truly change society. Our mission? We provide everything the global mining community needs: ready-to-use cryptocurrency miners, colocation services, and mining management. This fuels innovation, opens doors for opportunity, and brings prosperity, all while giving control back to the people.

A white-glove, fully hands-off solution to your mining operations.




We've managed over 300 megawatts of custom mining operations - containers, buildings, retrofitted infrastructure, gas fields, and more.



We understand that every millisecond matters in your operation, which is why we guarantee you will have connectivity at least 95% of the time.


Team Members

Our team continues to grow. We pride ourselves on ensuring all team members have advanced training in ASIC miner / GPU management, diagnostics, and repairs.



We've built, operated, or managed 13 unique sites across North America. Making a positive impact in the communities we join is one of our top priorities.


Frontier Mining’s journey traces back to its roots in DCG Technical Solutions. Beginning in the early 2000s, DCG initiated colocation services for clients in high-tier data centers across Los Angeles and Las Vegas. This initial offering expanded far beyond mere colocation, evolving into a comprehensive IT infrastructure, MSP, and private cloud hosting company, consistently hailed as one of California’s best.

In late 2017, Frontier emerged from DCG. The founders recognized the need for professionalism in the emerging blockchain data center landscape. Initially, Frontier partnered with investors to help them establish their own mining setups. However, the realization soon dawned that Frontier’s expertise transcended mining solutions alone; it encompassed site development and management tailored to the needs of commercial mining operations.

This realization paved the way for Frontier’s institutional service offering, a journey that began shaping up in 2018. Drawing from a wealth of experience and industry connections, Frontier simplifies the intricate process of site selection, construction, networking, machine installation, staffing, and management. In an industry not conventionally geared towards institutional engagement, Frontier has pioneered a white-glove service, enabling investors to focus on mining profits rather than the nitty-gritty of data center management.

At present, Frontier manages over 300 megawatts of machines for both public and institutional clients across 13 custom-built sites in various locations including Colorado, Pennsylvania, Texas, and South Carolina. Thanks to Frontier’s reputation for credibility and reliability, its client base continues to expand, with projections aiming to surpass 500 megawatts by the end of 2023.